• BMD Landscape Architecture Site & Master Planning

    Conceptual Design

    Prepare plans which indicate basic land uses and circulation patterns, relationships of site structures, grading concepts,
    plant massing, feature areas and relationships of the project
    to adjacent properties.

  • BMD Landscape Architecture Site & Master Planning

    Site & Master Planning

    This phase of design includes Background Studies,
    Site Analysis and Evaluation, Conceptual Land Use Plannings,
    Development Guidlines, Reports, Illustrative Plans and Materials.

  • BMD Landscape Architecture Presentation Graphics

    Presentation Graphics

    • Hand Renderings
    • Site & Master Plans
    • 2D Graphics
    • 3D Graphics
    • Computer Animations
  • BMD Landscape Architecture Construction Documents

    Construction Documents

    • Prepare Hardscape Layout & Construction Details
    • Prepare Grading & Drainage Plans
    • Prepare Irrigation Plans & Details
    • Prepare Planting Plans, Plant List, and Details
    • Prepare Landscape Lighting Plans
    • Prepare Planting & Irrigation Specifications
  • BMD Landscape Architecture Cost Estimates

    Cost Estimates

    Prepare construction cost estimates at each phase
    of development to assure project cost containment.

  • BMD Landscape Architecture Construction Administration

    Construction Administration

    • Assist in obtaining necessary design review approval
    • Assist in obtaining bids or negotiating a contract for Landscape Construction services
    • Provide periodic site observation during construction as required
    • Prepare memos and correspondence regarding job progress
    • Attend project team meetings as needed
Santa Barbara, Ojai Valley, Mammoth Lakes